by Ed Halmagyi


I have a theory about the human appetite. It’s what I like to call ‘The Adventure Curve’ and it tracks the way in which we approach the idea of culinary difference. In my hypothesis most people (although everyone will tell you that they are the exception to this rule) have varying degrees of adventurousness about food at different times of the day.

According to my postulation, in the mornings we are at our most diminutive ebb, fixed in routine and rarely disposed to challenge. Those who have wholewheat toast and coffee for breakfast, probably have that same morning formula at least five days a week.

Through the course of the day our taste for the unexpected grows. We might be disposed towards an unusual Greek pastry in the mid morning, a little bit of spice at lunch, and then something really unusual for our afternoon repast….after all, what is Bubble Tea?

Our adventurousness reaches its apogee in the entrée course of dinner. Here we will throw caution to the wind, and entertain ourselves with something outrageous that, in the normal course of events, would be overlooked.

With that chance taken, the precipice is reached, and through main course we revert to that with which we feel most comfortable. From there dessert is a cloister into which we withdraw, happily ensconced once more in our comfy and well-worn favourites.

So you’re thinking to yourself “But hang on, I’m not that guy, I’m the exception to this ridiculous rule”.

Well, good for you, I’m glad to hear it.

But in order for you to prove me wrong, there a small test you’ll need to pass. Don’t worry, it’s not some out-takes of ‘Bizarre Foods’, rather just a simple Spanish breakfast called migas. Fry some chorizo, day-old bread and onions with beans and a little sherry. Throw in some eggs and you’ve got it made.

Give it a crack, because I’ll be oh-so-happy to be delicious wrong.
Egg and chorizo migas

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