by Ed Halmagyi


The hardest part about incurable diseases is the sense of disempowerment that comes with them. Disempowerment for the patient, for their family, and for the community at large as we collectively struggle to cope with the impacts.

Of all Australians who live to the age of 85, one in two will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. It’s a terrifying statistic, and one that is changing the way in which our country manages itself. When you remember that our population is both aging and living longer, it becomes indelibly clear that we must find meaningful ways to stem this dreadful tide.

But how?

I’m no scientist, and wouldn’t be much help in a hospital. After all, I’m more baker’s apron than lab coat.

But therein lies the answer. You see, what I can do is to harness the power of my social network, leveraging my friends and family to help raise the vitally-needed funds to pay for research and cancer services. And you can too.

Throughout the month of May, people all over the country will be holding morning teas in workplaces, clubs, schools and parks, to raise money for Cancer Council Australia. It’s called Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, and if you haven’t been involved before, then get on board. If you have, then welcome back!

The idea is simple. Invite your mates over, bake a cake, pop the kettle on and ask everyone attending for a small (or large) donation towards the cause. All you’ll need to do is register at and send out the invitations. Remember, your mates will either be spending their money on coffee and cake at a café, or at your place. Not only will you be helping a really great cause, but it’s a great excuse for a catch up.

And to get you on your way, here’s my new favourite morning tea recipe, for the most sinful coconut macaroon tartlettes. Just the thing to get your party started.
Coconut and almond macaroon tarts