22 November 2011


That’s right, 182.

182 eggs consumed by each Australian, every year. That’s somewhere close to four eggs a week in the myriad forms in which an egg might be used. Poached, scrambled, fried, boiled, omelette, coddled or gratinéed….and that’s just breakfast. We find them in cakes, in muffins, even brushed onto the outside of a croissant for that extra gloss. They’re holding your mayonnaise together and making your Bearnaise sauce extra creamy.

Bluntly, the egg is the world’s most useful food. In fact, classical French cuisine had already described more than 640 methods of preparation by the 1930’s, and the number is still growing, as brilliant culinary minds find new and thrilling techniques all the time. Slow-cooked, smoked, pickled and aerated eggs are today found in the world’ best restaurants.

Yet better than art, there’s really good health reasons for each of us to eat eggs, and consider adding more of them to our diet. Eggs give us the highest quality protein available, as well as plenty of important vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B12, vitamin D and riboflavin, all of which are essential for healthy cell growth, brain development and immunity.

But what about fat? Sure, the egg yolk does contain some fat….about half the amount you’ll find in an avocado. But a massive study in 2002 that looked at the diet of 10,000 people found that the amount of fat in an egg was so incidental as to be of no concern at all. In fact, those people who ate more eggs ended up with with lower cholesterol levels than those who ate fewer eggs. No wonder eggs get the Heart Foundation tick! Of far greater concern is the buttered toast and bacon many folks choose to eat alongside.

So today is World Egg Day, and it’s time to celebrate all things egg. Around the world chefs and cooks will be whipping up an extraordinary range of delicious egg-inspired dishes. From French ‘oeufs roulade’, to Mexican fritters, to Egyptian ‘Foul Madammas’ or Russian ‘zazuski’, there’s a worlds of flavours to enjoy. So get on board and join our egg-cellent adventure. Crack a couple into a pot and serve yourself some perfect poachies, or even my delicious and simple gardener’s frittata! For more info, go to
Individual gardener’s frittatas

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