6 August 2012

Of all the bits of equipment I have in my kitchen, my Vitamix is pretty much top of the faves list. You see it’s not just a blender, it’s what every other blender wants to be when they grow up! In fact, the Vitamix blades spin so fast that they can generate enough friction to actually cook food. Seriously, that’s something you’ve got to experience for yourself.

But best of all, my Vitamix allows me to create one of my signature dishes for live shows – dessert in 60 seconds. A microwaved sponge cake sheet and a berry sorbet all created in less that one revolution of the clock. Want to see how? Then come join us at the BHG Live Expo!

In the words of Vitamix, “Experience a whole new world of nutrition, flavour and creativity with a Vitamix. From breakfast to dinner, appetisers to desserts, a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre makes it quick and easy to eat whole foods in one great tasting recipe after another. With a Vitamix even the nutrient packed peels, pulp and seeds of many types of produce can be pulverised and blended into recipes for some of the most health protecting dishes and drinks.”

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