SKK Panware

11 December 2008

skk panware

With the amount of time that I spend hunched over a hot stove, I want to make sure that the pans I use are giving me results. And I mean great results.

SKK pans are made in Germany and feature micro-milled thermo bases that mean the heat is evenly distributed, even over small flames. But the thing that marks the SKK range out from the pack is that the heat is consistent, even up the tall sides of sauté pans. This means you have no more concerns about needing to pack a little more ingredients in one pan.

In addition to being non-stick and extremely scratch-proof, SKK have resolved a big challenge for keen home cooks. How do you fit a frying pan in a standard oven? Or a dishwasher for that matter? Well worry no longer, the SKK handles detach easily to give you a whole lot new range of options in pursuing culinary excellence.

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