Do you keep chooks? Be part of an exciting project.

5 June 2013


I’m looking for a family to be part of an article being written for a new magazine that trails the journey from chicken run to table.

We will will follow them as they take the next step in backyard agriculture, on a journey towards an unforgettable family dinner.

What we are seeking is a family (preferably with kids under the age of 16) who currently keep backyard chickens, and would like to participate as a family. While most chickens are kept as pets or for eggs, this project is about creating a roast chicken dinner. That’s right, it gets pretty real.

It’s about telling a narrative that charts this process as they decide to harvest one of their own birds, then undertake the process in full: coming to a family decision, selecting the bird, slaughtering, plucking, cooking, then creating the banquet. There’ll probably be some counselling required for the little ones along the way as well.

The article will navigate several topics:
• the difficult territory that exists around where our food really comes from
• our modern disconnect from agriculture
• the squeamishness so many of us experience about freshly-killed meat
• are egg-laying chickens any good for dinner?
• what chicken varieties are best if you want eggs and meat?
• the family conversations, negotiations and decisions that this process requires
• the legal and food safety aspects of home-killed chicken
• the contradictions that are found in modern urban agriculture (is it an indulgence, or are we really prepared to farm?)
• what is the correct process for slaughtering and processing?
• how do you make the perfect roast from your investment

Your chicken will be replaced with a new bird, just so you know.

If you keep chickens and are prepared to put one to good use in the kitchen, then this could be the project for you. The article will be published in a new magazine called roughcut.

Contact Ed at to arrange a chat about the details.

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