6 December 2008

product review, gasfuse

No invention has ever impressed me more than the Australian designed, Australian owned and Australian made Gasfuse. The concept is simple. Gasfuse is a mechanical safety switch that, when fitted to your gas bottle, provides you with complete safety for handling and using gas powered appliances.

Gasfuse works by automatically shutting off gas flow from the bottle whenever a slow leak or sudden change in pressure is detected. It is activated instantly meaning that leaks, burn-outs and explosions are avoided. It’s guaranteed to work first time, every time giving you absolute peace of mind to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle. Gasfuse fits to the gas bottle and so can be used in conjunction with any gas-powered appliance; barbecues, patio heaters, camping stoves.

Gasfuses start at less than $40 and are available at all good hardware stores, barbecue retailers and camping specialists.

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