Breville Froojie

11 December 2008

breville froojie juicer

I love fresh fruit juice, especially as it is an easy way to get a serve or two of fruit into fussy young kids. But the limitations of the traditional juicer meant that the kinds of fruits my young kids will go for willingly (like bananas, strawberries and mangoes) were off the menu. They simply didn’t juice.

Until now. The Breville Professional 800 Dual Disc Fruit Processor has changed things forever. Not only is it the world’s fastest juice machine, but now all fruits and vegetables are back on the menu.

It’s traditional mesh juicer disc will deal with the apples, pineapple and carrots. When you are ready for the soft fruits, change discs with effortless ease, and off you go.

Best of all, you can prepare tomato sauces for an Italian feast, or savoury bastes for BBQ duck. There’s a whole range of innovative uses for one great new machine.

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